Ceramic bearing

1.ZrO2 Full  Ceramic  Ball Bearing

Full ceramic bearing employs the properties of electromagneticinsulation,resistant to corrosion, self    lubrication  without oil and resistant to high temperature or high cold.It is perfect for harsh environment and special conditions.In normal condition, it consists of ZrO2 ceramic rings and rolling elementsand  PTFE cages. But it also takes RPA66-25,PEEK,PI,AISISUS316or Cu as material of cage.

2.Si3N4  Full  Ceramic Bearing

Si3N4 Full Ceramic Bearing is available with a cage of PTFE ,outer and inner rings of ceramic and rolling element.we also offer bearings whose cage is made of RPA66-25PEEKPI or phenolic  clothes rubber tube.Compared with ZrO2 full ceramic bearing,Si3N4 one is more   suitable for applications where high speed and load-holding capacity isrequired and high temperature environment. We also provide    precision ceramic bearing with P5 or even higher level for high speed,precision and rigid main shaft.

3.Full complement   ceramic bearing

There is gap for filling ceramic balls on one side of the bearing. This bearing can hold more balls than standard bearing because there is no cage so that it increases the load-holding capacity of it.Furthermore,it has the same effect in corrosion-resist. The bearing is not suitable for high-speed condition.. The end face with filling slot should be at  the end without  holding load.

4.Ceramic bearing with ceramic cage

Ceramic cage has the advantages of wear-resistance,high rigidity,corrosion-resistance and self-lubrication.Full ceramic bearing with ceramic cage is the best choice for extreme environment where corrosion,superlow temperature and high vacuum exists.The common material used by this bearing is ZrO2,Si3N4 or SiC.

5.Hybrid ceramic ball bearing

Ceramic ball,special silicon nitride ball has the feature of low-density,high hardness,low friction coefficient,wear-resistance,self-lubrication and high-rigidity.It is suitable for taking as rolling element of hybrid ceramic ball bearing with high speed,high precision and long life(inner ring and outer ring are made of metal).The material of inner and outer ring is usually bearing steel(GCr15)or stainless steel(AISI 440C).Ceramic ball is made of ZrO2,Si3N4 or SiC.



Selection and Design

We can provide bearing type selection and design according to your specific requirements.

Real-time follow-up

From raw material procurement to finished product delivery, documented product quality control, factory real-time follow-up

Complete range

Various kinds of bearings, including large, super-large turntable bearings, precision cross-roller bearings, thin-walled bearings, precision angular contact ball bearings, ceramic ball bearings, steel wire raceway bearings, joint bearings, etc., have complete accuracy grades.

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Because there are factories, we can provide high quality products and guarantee low prices.